Lunchtime Wrap: ABC News 24 & Passion Projects

Didn't catch Lifehacker on Tuesday? Here's the best posts you missed.

The Pluses And Minuses Of ABC News 24 After months of speculation and planning, the ABC’s all-day news service, ABC News 24, officially begins this Thursday evening at 7.30pm. From a geek perspective, there’s a lot to like about this service, and a couple of things that qualify as mild annoyances

How To Find Time To Learn Something New Or Tackle A Passion Project You’ve got a career, friends, family and a mountain of other responsibilities that have a monopoly on your time. So how, amidst all those time-consuming responsibilities, do you find time to learn something new or tackle a passion project?

Mastercheap Day 3: Resisting Temptation Monday means work, and work means going to an event with loads of free food on offer. Can the Mastercheap project survive?

Tech-Savvy Voters Reject The Filter Remember that poll we featured a week or so ago asking if you’d vote for a party which supports the Labor Internet filter? Having run on 17 Australian technology sites, the poll is now closed and the results are clear: virtually no-one wants to vote for the filter.


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