Listiki Crowdsources Lists For Easy Creation, Sharing, Ranking

Listiki is a crowdsourced list creation service. You create lists and others participate in adding to and ranking the contents of your lists. Best vampire movies, best restaurants in Reno, worst CG movie, anything you can rank is fair game.

At Listwiki you can interact with lists in multiple ways. You can create a brand new list and share it via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also add to lists created by other people. One of the neatest features — demonstrated in the video above — is the ability to clone a list and reorder it. When you copy and edit another user's list your new additions and ordering changes the weight of items in the master list.

For example, if you create a list about the best guest stars on the Simpsons not only can other users add in new characters you may have overlooked, but they can clone your list and reorder the existing picks to effect the order of the master list. Watch the video above for a closer look or visit the site at the link below to try out the service. Listiki doesn't require a special registration, but you will need to authenticate yourself with your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Have a favourite tool for creating public lists? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Listiki [via Tech Crunch]


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