LightShot Is A Fast, Lightweight Screenshot Capture Tool

Windows/Firefox and IE Add-on: If you're looking for a snappy screenshot tool, LightShot is lightweight, fast, featured packed and available as a stand-alone application or a browser add-on.

LightShot is a lightweight screenshot tool available for Windows or as an add-on for Firefox and IE. You can capture screenshots in a variety of ways including uploading them to the internet via ImageShack, dumping the screenshot to your clipboard, opening the screenshot for editing in Pixlr, or simply saving them to your computer as a JPG, PNG or BMP. LightShot also supports hotkeys for every major function — CTRL+E, for example, launches the online editor for your images while CTRL+D uploads it to ImageShack.

LightShot is a free tool and requires no registration. If you'd like to check out other screenshot tools make sure to take a peek at our previous Hive Five on the topic Five Best Screen Capture Tools. Have a favourite lightweight screen capture tool to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

LightShot [via MakeUseOf]


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