Lifehacker Tests Southern Cross’ Free Wi-Fi

We told you last month that ANZ was offering free Wi-Fi at a bunch of locations, including Melbourne's Southern Cross station. So naturally, when we were passing through Melbourne this week, we had to check how well it worked.

As you can see from the picture, ANZ certainly doesn't want you to miss out on knowing about the option. Logging in is pretty straightforward, though it predictably (and reasonably) requires you to go through an ANZ-emblazoned logon screen first.

The logon process also makes the limitations clear: 30 minutes of consecutive access, and a download limit of 50MB.

Trying some basic performance tests produced slightly contrary results. suggested download speeds of around 6Mbps, which isn't too shabby at all for a free service. However, the upload test continually timed out, and despite that speed, we couldn't get view YouTube videos at a satisfactory speed.

Of course, hanging around watching YouTube isn't really what free Wi-Fi in a station is about — quick access to email and sites is more likely, and the service was more than up to that task when we tried it. That said, it wasn't rush hour; if you've tried it when the station was overflowing, share your experience in the comments.


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