Lifehacker Pack For Linux: Our List Of The Best Linux Downloads

Lifehacker Pack For Linux: Our List Of The Best Linux Downloads

We love Linux and want to make it easier for others to do so too. This first edition of the Lifehacker Pack for Linux includes our favourite apps that get things done and make your desktop great.

Linux isn’t quite like Windows or Mac, as there are many, many distributions, usually running on one of two desktop systems (GNOME or KDE). We’ve chosen to write this list up from the perspective of a standard, GNOME-based Ubuntu user. Ubuntu is what the Lifehacker editors use, it’s what most of our Linux-leaning readers use, and it’s generally popular and frequently updated. Many of these apps can be downloaded and installed on other Linux systems, of course — check the Download link or search out its name in your own system’s package installer.

If you are using Ubuntu, you can also install these apps by clicking the “Install in Ubuntu” link after each item. It’s a link that prompts your own Ubuntu system to search out and install an app from its own repositories — with your permission, of course. Some apps (Chrome and Dropbox) require a download, some are pre-installed in Ubuntu, and others may require the enabling of an extra repository or two for certain third-party apps, but we’ve explained how to do so in a previous Ubuntu feature (short version: open “Software Sources” from the System/Administration menu).

Now let’s get straight to the goodies:


GNOME-Do:QuicksilverLifehacker Pack for MacDownloadInstall in Ubuntu

OpenOffice.orgGNOME Office Suite:OpenOfficeGNOME OfficeInstall Gnome Office in Ubuntu

gedit:work like TextMateDownload

AutoKey:TextExpanderDownloadInstall in Ubuntu



Thunderbird:Gmail goes downDownloadInstall in Ubuntu

Pidgin:Empathywith multiple Windows or Linux PCsDownloadInstall in Ubuntu

Skype:DownloadInstall in Ubuntu

Transmission:Mac versionDownload


Flash Player:HTML5 really comes to fruitionFlashBlock for ChromeFlashBlock for FirefoxDownload
Install in Ubuntu

VLC:best desktop media playerrip DVDs, stream media to other computersplay YouTube videosDownloadInstall in Ubuntu

Handbrake:throwing some video on your mobile deviceripping that Blu-Ray disc to your media centrethis methodMain Site

GIMP:editingDownloadInstall in Ubuntu

Rhythmbox:BansheeExaileSongbirdNightingalevery nice built-in music storeDownload


Dropbox:link to itamong its many other clever usesDownload

Conky:GeekToolstay productive while keeping track of everything going on behind the scenesDownload
Install in Ubuntu

Wine:DownloadInstall in Ubuntu

VirtualBox:Note: the download version from VirtualBox offers a few benefits (like USB device handling) over the open-source version installed via UbuntuDownloadInstall in Ubuntu

TildaYakuakeveryTildaYakuakeInstall Tilda in UbuntuInstall Yakuake in Ubuntu

p7zip: It’s basically 7-Zip for Linux. Install it and you’ll be able to compress and de-compress pretty much any archive file around, including disk images, Mac OS packages and the .rar and other segmented files found around the wild web. Best of all, you can just right-click on files to compress or de-compress them, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the terminal. [Download][Install in Ubuntu]

Optional (For Beginners)

Ubuntu Tweak:Download

Want the whole Lifehacker Pack for Linux in one click? Here’s a link for Ubuntu: [Install the entire Lifehacker Pack for Linux in Ubuntu]

And here’s a terminal command, for you old-school Linux types:

sudo apt-get install gnome-do gnome-office autokey thunderbird pidgin skype flashplugin-installer vlc gimp conky wine virtualbox-ose tilda p7zip

(Don’t worry if you’ve got some of these apps installed already — Ubuntu will ping you to let you know it’s already there, then move on).

This is our first Lifehacker Pack for Linux, but we expect to read the feedback, hash it over and run it all again next year. Give us your take on what you consider to be the essential Linux apps for any system in the comments.


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