Less Spam, Please Generates Temporary Anonymous Email Addresses

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Firefox extension Less Spam, Please adds an item to your right-click context menu to automatically generate an anonymous, disposable email address so you can try out a new service without fear of spam.

The extension integrates with temporary email services YopMail, Humaility and Mailinator (you can pick your preferred provider in the extension preferences). To generate a new disposable address for a site, just right-click in any input field and select Insert a temporary mail address for this site. In addition to temporary address insertion, the extension also adds an item that will take you straight to the temporary inbox for that site.

If you're simply trying to avoid registration and don't mind sharing a login with others, Firefox extension BugMeNot has always been our go-to favourite, but in other circumstances, Less Spam, Please is a worthwhile, time-saving tool to have on-hand. Less Spam, Please is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

Less Spam, please [Firefox Add-ons via gHacks]


    I used one of the many temporary email services out there to create a no-going-back Facebook Deletion system. I kept on trying to delete my facebook page, but always logged in within the 14 days, 'reactivating' my account (I was kind of addicted, which was the reason I wanted to delete it)

    So what I did was change the email address to something temporary (so I couldn't just have my password reset and sent to me), changed my password to something created in a password generator (left it in my clipboard and pasted to login and click the delete button, then paste again when it asks to confirm you want to delete). Then cleared my cache and forgot the email address.

      I'll just add, about a month without facebook now and I'm feeling much healthier, mentally. Now I just need to work out a way to stay off Reddit and I might actually get some work done!

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