Last Week's Top Ten Posts

You wanted iPhone 4 information, printer tricks and a whole lotta Mastercheap. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. 2-In-1 iPhone 4 SIMs Could Be A Risky Prospect
    Nick over at Gizmodo reports on how Optus (and Optus network reseller Virgin) are offering "2-In-1" micro-SIMs for iPhone 4 buyers ahead of the July 30 Australian release.
  2. Use Blu Tack And Other Oddities To Keep Printers Running
    Much of what happens on modern printers is determined in software, but there’s still plenty that can physically go wrong with them. One Lifehacker reader got their office printer working again using nothing more than a little Blu Tack.
  3. Mastercheap Day 2: Keeping Up The Energy
    The Mastercheap challenge reaches its second day, and I’m faced head-on with the issue of getting enough energy.
  4. The Pluses And Minuses Of ABC News 24
    After months of speculation and planning, the ABC’s all-day news service, ABC News 24, officially begins this Thursday evening at 7.30pm. From a geek perspective, there’s a lot to like about this service, and a couple of things that qualify as mild annoyances.
  5. Planhacker: Complete Australian BYO Prepaid Cap Guide
    Thinking about an iPhone 4 but don’t want to sign up for a contract? We’ve rounded up the available BYO cap deals so you can find the best no-strings plan for your shiny new phone.
  6. Mastercheap Day 4: Psychology & Plating
    Here’s a newsflash for everyone who keeps asking: I really, truly, absolutely am not starving on the Mastercheap menu.
  7. Mastercheap: Why House Brands Matter So Much
    Just how much difference would it have made to the Mastercheap project if I hadn’t relied almost entirely on store brand products? An enormous amount, it turns out.
  8. The Lifehacker Mastercheap FAQ
    The plan for Mastercheap was pretty comprehensively covered in the original announcement post and the shopping list, but some issues keep popping up in the comments (and when I meet people in the real world). Here’s a concise summary of what I’m doing, what I’m not doing, and why.
  9. Five Best Mobile Note Taking Tools
    The explosion of mobile phones has made them a nearly constant companion for many people. It’s only natural an ever-present device would become a favourite note taking and ubiquitous capture tool. Today we look at five popular note taking tools.
  10. Mastercheap Day 3: Resisting Temptation
    Monday means work, and work means going to an event with loads of free food on offer. Can the Mastercheap project survive?


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