Kobo Reader Still Suffering Rendering Issues

Kobo Reader Still Suffering Rendering Issues

Last month, we noted that the Kobo application for the iPad had major rendering problems. New evidence suggests that’s an ongoing issue across several platforms.

At e-books blog ebookish, Charlotte Harper reports similar problems when reading a Bill Bryson title on the Kobo iPhone application. Publisher Random House attributes the problem to a formatting quirk:

It appears that the issue, in this instance, is specific to the Kobo iPhone App: it seems that the Kobo App doesn’t support footnote links which is why this problem is occurring.

Teething problems with individual titles are to be expected, but these experiences suggest that publishers need to pay more attention to checking the rendering of titles on multiple platforms. That, of course, reduces one of the advantages of electronic publishing -- the ability to deliver to multiple devices without needing to specifically reformat -- but experience to date suggests it might be a necessary expense.

Has the Kobo app worked out well for you? Share your experiences in the comments.

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  • Sounds like it’s more of a problem with the app maker rather then the publisher. The publisher can’t be expected to test every book on every possible device and app out there. That’s why specifications exist, if the device or app complies with the specification then an e-book that does will render correctly.

  • It’s not only the Kobo apps that have rendering issues. The kobo reader itself has issues. You have to have good eyes for the reader as it chooses the smallest font for epubs bought outside of the kobo store.
    You can hack the epubs and remove the font formatting so you can use font sizes but unless you know how, you are stuck with miniscule text.
    Thankfully the how is easily found on google.

  • Hi
    I’m a big Kobo fan as I love the easy purchasing and the way their store displays on iPhone and iPad. Having said that I’ve recently had a two problems recently.

    One was easily solved by deleting, then reloading the title. The other one was interesting – only every 2nd chapter displayed! fine on the PC, but problem on the ‘i’ devices! this was not able to resolved and I had to ask for a refund.

    That said – still a fan!

  • Why are the free books not readable on the iPad. Some are but many show only table of contents. The text itself is ” junk”. If there is a compatibility issue with the iPad, shouldn’t that be addressed in the store ( e.g. Warning: this book is not readable on the iPad.) Perhaps the mistake is mine, however.


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