Keyboard Leds Puts Keyboard Indicator Lights In Your System Tray

Windows: Keyboard indicator lights are only useful if you're staring at the keyboard when they turn on. If you're a touch typist, Keyboard Leds puts indicator lights and caps lock warning in the system tray where you'll actually see them.

Keyboard Leds is a small and customisable application that parks a little indicator in your system tray to alert you when you press the Caps Lock, Scroll Locks and Num Lock buttons. In addition to customising the colours if the individual indicator lights you can also enable an on-screen alert — especially handy for those times you accidentally activate the Caps Lock key.

Hate the Caps Lock key and want it gone all together? Use this Autohokey script to neuter it. Keyboard Leds is freeware, Windows only. Have a favourite trick or tool for dealing with keyboard nuisances? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Keyboard Leds [via Download Squad]


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