Install Flash On A Jailbroken iPad

If your iExperience just isn't complete without Flash in your browser, tech site Engadget details how to install a mostly-working port of Flash on a jailbroken iPad.

The process is surprisingly simple, and the Engadget post lays it all out in a nice step-by-step guide. Keep in mind that the Flash port isn't perfect at this point (Flash content plays, but video playback isn't there yet), and - as with most things involving hardware hacking - you could end up with some instability. That said, if you're desperate to get Flash elements working on your iPad, this is a pretty solid start.

How-to: Install Flash on your jailbroken iPad (for real) [Engadget]


    I read somewhere that the dev didn't want this released yet, and they're requesting you don't do this/uninstall - its very unstable.

    I did it last night before reading this. Novelty value only. Preloaders don't finish, it quits a lot, etc.

    I mean, its a very promising start, but your safari isn't going to add much that the youtube videos don't already give you...

    Here's another way to get Flash working on your iPad ...

    It's a little less direct, but works brilliantly.

    We are a web design company, and as such we often sit with clients looking at different websites (both our examples, and theirs) ... so you can imagine that portability is important as is the ability to actually render out ALL websites.

    Our "hack" is simply this: We have a spare PC set up on our network and connected to the outside world via a mapped port in our firewall for Remote Desktop use. This PC has nothing on it aside from a clean copy of Windows XP Pro and an unadulterated copy of the Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox browsers.

    Our web designers usually use the PC during their design & implementation phases to test browser compatibility without worrying about having IE8 contaminate the way IE7 renders etc.

    When we want to view a Flash-based website on any of our consultants' iPads (or iPhones for that matter), we simply connect to the PC in question using RDP software (the iTap RDC Client app is very good).

    Performance is obviously better on the local LAN, but more than acceptable via 3G.

    Not exactly "running Flash" on your iDevice, but sure works beautifully in the real world and costs absolutely nothing (if you have the bits lying around).

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