Improve iOS4 Performance On iPhone 3G With Hard Resets

Improve iOS4 Performance On iPhone 3G With Hard Resets

iOS4 has some pretty neat features, but many existing iPhone 3G users have found performance to be pretty poor after making the switch. Before rolling back, try a couple of hard resets to see if that improves performance.

Lifehacker reader Tom was suffering from the iOS4 blues, but ran into a handy fix via the Cult Of Mac site:

It appears that two hard resets (press and hold both buttons, ignore the “swipe to turn off” prompt, then release the buttons once it restarts itself) somehow clears and purges a bunch of memory. This gives applications more to play with, meaning they page the hard disk less. Since paging the hard disk is slow, this ends up making the 3G seem a lot more zippy.

While this may not work for everyone, it’s certainly worth a try if you are seeing iOS4 performance problems. If that doesn’t help, you can roll back to the old version. Thanks Tom!

Speed Up iPhone 3G + iOS4 with a Hard Reset? [Cult Of Mac]


  • It has some sort of solid state memory. While faster then a harddisk to be sure, it still is not as fast as volatile memory (ram), so, yeah, paging to the “disk” is going to slow things down.

  • Yeah, I’ve HAD to reset my phone several times to no avail. iOS4 is just too big an ask for that little old box. Mind you, I’ve enabled mulitasking and backgrounds (via JB), which can’t help.

  • It might just be my imagination, but I think I am seeing an improvement in general responsiveness on my 3G after trying this. Then again, even a regular reboot does make a noticeable difference, so maybe it’s just that. Still, I’ll keep trying it whenever it bogs down again. Should tide me over for the next few weeks till the 4 comes out…

  • 3G, IOS4, Jailbroken.. was trying to get around to going back to version 3, iphone had ground to a halt, even switching between playlists in the ipod controls caused freezing for whole seconds. Blow me down this worked and now back to normal 3G sluggish speeds. Still need to see how often you need to do this.

  • Didn’t help my iPhone at all. Mine locks up when I skip a song or even wake it up while it’s doing anything at all.

    My calendar even takes about ten seconds to go to the correct date when I open it up.

  • Try turn off push, turn off Safari Fraud Warning, turn off notifications, keep no active pages open in Safari.

    Best explanation for me is two fold problem: wifi and 3G “handshake” confusion; and early server timeout. Have you noticed that an unusable wifi request comes up before everything stalls? Once that server confusion starts up, everything has to wait. After a few minutes everything is tickety-poo.

    Some people have commented that it seems to clear up over time. I’m seeing that although it’s not really logical.

    Patiently waiting for 4.0.1.

  • I dropped back to 3.1.2 using the method lifehacker posted about. easy enough if you spend a little bit of time reading the readmes.

    4.0 was crap, imho, and the last straw as an iphone user. Crap business model, locking users into specific systems and content – being able to flash custom (and often better!) ROMs onto WinMob phones was one of the great things about Dopod/HTCs (XDA-Developers is a great site that way!).

    I’m a jailbroken 3.1.2 until iDroid is developed sufficiently, or until I get my tax refund later in the year.

    If Apple ran the iPhone with a bit more openness, it’d utterly own the market, instead of losing customers and developers to its competers.

    • 4.0 crap on a 3G totally agree, can you imagine how much ‘you’re forcing me to buy new product’ screaming there would have been if it was locked to 3gs only, which is sort of logical to backwards support one model. As far as openness, there is enough junk in the app store as it is thanks, as for android I’ve used two models the best I can say is they are getting close to an iphone, something worth making me switch can’t see anything coming soon. Gogole is the best player on the market playign catch up to the iphone, that’s about it

  • Jailbroken 3G, I had mine connected to my Alpine head unit the other day and even scrolling through artists/songs on the head unit is slow as. It was fine before iOS4. Good thing I just pre ordered my iPhone 4 🙂

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