How To Make Your Vote Count In The Election

With an election looming, some readers have suggested that Lifehacker should run a -style guide to filling out ballot papers. Rather than diving outside our core areas of expertise, check out ABC election analyst Antony Green's comprehensive guide, which explains why you need to fill out every slot on the House of Reps paper and how you can make up to three mistakes if you vote below the line for the Senate. [How to Vote Guide]


    As someone who has done the vote counting thing before, I strongly recommend writing hilarious crap on your ballot paper.

    As long as it doesn't obscure your choice or personally identify you, your vote will still be valid and it will give the poor bastard counters a laugh.

    OH - and when you go to the polling booth and they ask (as they have to, unless the law changed recently) "Have you voted before in this election?" do NOT say "No, once is enough!"

    I swear around 75% of people make that joke. I'm not kidding. I tallied once. Election work can get boring :)

    not good enough lifehacker and Giz...

    preferably, provide a mockup and guide on exactly how to vote conroy out.

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