Hotel Safe With Power Is A Genius Idea

Hotel Safe With Power Is A Genius Idea

I hardly ever use the safes in hotel rooms, and one major reason is that they’re rarely large enough to fit even a moderately-sized notebook PC. The hotel room I’ve been staying in this week not only solves that problem, but adds something even more useful to the internals of the safe: a power outlet.

While the in-room safe at the Langham Place Mongkok Hotel in Hong Kong might not take a really large machine, it is big enough to take the size of PC any regular traveller would have. (As I’ve noted before, extra-large laptop screens are not travel-friendly even if they do make DVD watching more pleasurable.)

More importantly, the built-in adaptor slot means you can leave your device charging while you’re out exploring the town: a good way to make use of your in-room power without risking leaving your PC out when the room gets cleaned.


  • I used to work in a hotel a few years ago…The safes are not all that safe. The electronic PIN code ones all have default “emergency” PIN codes to re-open them incase someone forgot what their PIN code was that they entered. A hotel usually also has the same “emergency” PIN code for all safes, usually at most they would have no more than 3 different “emergency” PIN codes in a hotel.

    some safes dont even have that. they have a pin hole reset button on the inside of the door that faces down, and on the underside of the safe is a tiny hole near the front that leads to the inside of the same. You don’t see the bottom hole on the inside because it’s usually covered by a piece of cloth/carpet. With a long and very thin piece of metal/wire you stick it up through the hole in the bottom and if you align it correctly you can trigger the pinhole reset button on the inside of the door.

    All in all safes in hotel rooms are like the wooden front door of your house with a deadlock (deadbolt). They only stop the honest people

  • If there is a fire inside the safe, your passports, credit cards, money and other important documents will need to be replaced.

    The reason not to put power in the safe is to ensure that the safe is actually fire proof also. Now by placing a power point inside the safe you have created a chance that a fire could actually start inside. Batteries can explode, laptops can get hot, and hair driers can catch fire…. I’m sure someone will be stupid enough to put a hair driver in there.

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