HostsMan Edits Your Windows Web Filters, Site Blocks

Windows only: The hosts file is the best way to entirely block a website or other net entity. You can edit it by hand, but free editor HostsMan verifies, cleans up and manages your hosts file clean and simple.

Our system-savvy readers told us once that the hosts file was among their favourite content filtering tools. What HostsMan does is provide concierge service to that hosts file, which blocks certain sites from being accessed by your computer through a browser, IM client — anything. The hosts file can also block out terrible ad servers, copy/paste JavaScript hijackings and ban time-wasting websites.

HostsMan provides a human-friendly interface to that all-important text file. The editing app checks your entries as you add them and can scan your hosts for duplicates, possible hijack manoeuvres placed there by bad software, as well as back up, duplicate and temporarily disable your hosts file. It is, in other words, a smart tool to have if you'll be making a lot of hosts edits.

HostsMan is a free download for Windows systems only.

HostsMan [Abelhad Digital via CyberNet News]


    I've been using Hostsman for years. The automatic update feature updates the lists of blocked sites without supervision. Editing the hosts file is quick and on-the-fly (the file is locked if you try opening it with Notepad). Having the built in server running gives visual feedback when elements on the page are blocked.

    I use this with OpenDNS and have not had any trouble with nasty web sites.

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