Hand-Crank Coffee Mill Grinds On-The-Go

If you're a coffee snob (or you just like brewing great coffee on-the-cheap), you likely grind coffee beans fresh with each brew. The inexpensive JavaGrind hand-crank mill grinds more uniformly than electric blade grinders and works when you don't have power.

I recently noticed how inconsistently my electric grinder was grinding my beans — a problem that results in both overly powdery and chunky grounds. The result: sometimes sludgy, sometimes overly weak brews (particularly with coffee presses). After a bit of research, I learned that coffee aficionados swear by burr grinders over blade grinders for more consistent grounds. The problem: really good burr grinders are often extremely expensive.

JavaGrind's hand-crank coffee mill is a hand-powered burr grinder that only costs around $US20 and comes highly recommended from great-gear blog Cool Tools. Not only do you get the burr grind, but as a hand-powered gadget, it works wherever you are, whether for your daily office grinds or on an electricity-free camping trip.

GSI Outdoors JavaGrind [Amazon via Cool Tools]


    Thanks lifehacker.com.au: "this product cannot be shipped to your address"

    You're much better off buying secondhand commercial grinders used in cafe's. I'd been through so many different grinders/methods.

    Eventually spent $200 on a shop grinder. Considering I'd spent more on that with previous gadgets, it wasn't a difficult decision. Mine weighed 40kg's, but it was an older type.

    You can pick up those style of grinders quite easily. I bought one as a house-warming present for some friends a while back. The one I bought was built into a wooden box and had a small drawer where the ground coffee would end up.

    I love mine so much I bang my head into the perspex wall in our local bustop as I walk by.

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