Google's Search Features Page Rounds Up The Best OneBox Tricks

Most of you are probably familiar with some of the more common Google search tricks — searching for "weather cityname" to get local weather or using the search box for basic calculations — but Google has dozens more search tricks up its sleeve.

What else can you do with Google's query box? You can convert between units of measurement, use a tilde to search for synonymous words like ~homemade cookie recipes, track package shipments and check patent numbers. Many of these tips we've highlighted individually as they were introduced over the years but the Google Search features page is a great reminder of all the neat ways you can make your daily visits to Google even more effective.

Visit the help page at the link below to check out the different ways you can take advantage of features built into Google. Have a favourite trick that isn't highlighted on the help page? Let's hear about it in the comments. Thanks waphlish!

Improve Your Search Experience [Google]


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