Google Quietly Testing Multiple Account Log-Ins

Google Quietly Testing Multiple Account Log-Ins

For some time now, web workers with more than one Google/Gmail account, or a personal Google/Google Apps combo, have had to turn to tricks like Chrome incognito windows or clever Greasemonkey scripts to use both. Now Google appears to be testing a multi-account experience.

The Google Operating System blog hears word and receives screenshots of Google testing out a multi-account log-in system, though it’s limited to Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Docs, Sites and Code at the moment. The multi-sign-on also disables Gmail’s offline mail, but perhaps there’s an update coming along on that front, too. Perhaps this is part of the “long and complicated process” that Google team members said was in the works back in March.

Update: A Google spokesperson wrote to us about this post with the following statement:

Back in May we announced that we will be rolling out changes to our infrastructure for Google Apps accounts, giving Google Apps users access to many more services. We’re currently testing this feature with many customers to get feedback on the user experience. We look forward to bringing this big improvement to the rest of our customers soon, but we have nothing further to announce at this time.

Update 2: It appears our own Gina Trapani had pointed out a Google/Google Apps “parity” in the works, but Google Operating System’s post shows how the multi-account log-in actually looks and points out the Offline Gmail limitation.

Google Tests Multiple Accounts Sign in [Google Operating System]

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