From The Tips Box: Podcast Searching, iPod Capacity, Medicine Supplies

Readers offer their best tips for searching for podcasts, checking how many songs are on your iPod, and getting longer supplies of medication.

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Import for Podcasts Elsewhere When Missing from iTunes

Jebuswankel lets us know an easy way to find podcasts that are missing from iTunes:

If a podcast isn't listed in iTunes, you can search for it in Google Reader. As long as it's public, you'll probably find the URL, which you can paste into iTunes through Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast.

Similarly, if you can't find the RSS link for something like Google's Listen app on Android, you can right click on the podcast's link in iTunes to grab the URL for pasting in Google Reader.

Get More Information in the iPod Sync Window

CamJN shows us a cool feature in iTunes:

Just found out by accident that if you click on the "total size" of the different media types at the bottom in iTunes 9.2 when your iPod or other iDevice is connected you get the expected behaviour the first time (the numbers switch to give you a count of songs, movies, etc.) but if you do it again you now get a total duration as well before cycling back to total file-size.

Just Ask to Get Longer Supplies of Medications

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt.

Lindsayk tells us how you can avoid extra trips to the pharmacy:

If you take a non-narcotic medicine frequently, ask your pharmacist if you can get a 3 month supply. As long as it's not a pain-med or something controlled, they should be able and willing to give it to you. Saves time (plus, my $US6 rx is around $US10 for a 3 month supply. saves a few bucks.)

Drag Links to Address Bar to Avoid Opening in New Windows

Ram07 shows us how he avoids links that open in new windows:

Many times when browsing familiar sites, I know before clicking a link itself that it's going to open a new tab, which I don't want. Nowadays I just drag such links into the address bar to open them in that page itself. Sounds kinda too simple to even talk about, but only when you notice it and start doing it you'll realise how you never did this before!


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