From The Tips Box: Google Images, Quick Look Zoom, Wearing Earbuds

Readers offer their best tips for using the new Google Images, zooming in on Quick Look images, and comfortably wearing one earbud at a time.

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Use the New Google Image Search Right Now

Freakshowtime tells us how to use the new Google Image search interface before it rolls out for you:

If you want the new Google Images right now, just click on this link.

It's one of the image searches Google suggests on their blog. Just to be sure, I tried this in Incognito Mode: I searched for images, got the old layout, then clicked the link above - which gave me the new layout - and tried my image search again. VoilĂ  - I had the new interface already.

Use the Option Key to Zoom in on Quick Look Images

Johnny shares another cool Option key trick in Mac OS X:

Your recent article about the Option key in OS X was totally mind-blowing, thank you!

Today, TUAW has another neat tip involving the Option key: zooming in while in Quick Look. Just hold down the Option key and click on an image in Quick Look, and you'll be able to zoom in. Press Option+Shift and click the picture to zoom back out.

Loop Earbuds Around Your Neck for Easier Access When Wearing Just One

Danielblakes shares how he makes wearing one headphone easier:

If anyone has ever tried to wear a headphone in one ear and let the other one hang, you know that you either have to let the earbud hang all the way down to your waist and get tangled on everything that it goes near, or having the cinch pulled up to the other earbud which makes the earbud in your ear too heavy and it falls out all the time!

I've found that if you loop the headphones behind your neck before putting them in your ear it naturally catches the hanging earbud midway up the chest so that it's: a. in easy reach should you want to put it in to listen to that awesome guitar solo; b. not getting tangled everywhere; and c. you can take the other headphone out and then they both rest on your upper chest, rather than you having to carry them and/or pocket them.

Use Frozen Water Bottles to Keep Your Cooler from Becoming a Pool

Shahidhaque lets us know an easy way to keep your cooler from filling up with water:

I have a great tip on a better way to keep the items in your cooler dry and cold. Instead of buying bags of ice, fill old soda bottles with water and freeze them. They keep the cooler just as cold, but don't melt and make your cooler items soggy.


    Will the new "google imagery layout" eat into my monthly quota? My kids love to search on Pokemon, Sonic.....

      It shouldn't, The pictures only load when they are within a certain range from where your scrolling from so it wont load all at once. Also each thumbnail is only around 7-15kb

    The behind the neck trick is actually how Sony designed their earbuds years ago. Had mine for years and they've outlived 2 phones an iPod and a Laptop so far.

    the water bottle idea is good... if you don't have much to put inside the cooler. you would need a few of those bottles for it to work effectively, and just one of those 2 litre bottles takes up about the same space as 3 beer stubbies. and whats going to get soggy, anyway? glass beer bottles? and food will be in containers anyway.

    um just change to for the new image layout?

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