Free Wifi Wiki Lists Free Hotspots Worldwide

There are plenty of strategies for finding free Wi-Fi in an unfamiliar location, but a little local knowledge often helps. The Free Wifi Wiki offers a worldwide directory of locations offering free Wi-Fi services, making it a useful bookmark for frequent travellers.

As with any wiki-style project, coverage varies depending on where you're looking. The Australian listings are a little on the thin side right now (McDonald's doesn't get its due for a start), but that's nothing a helpful Lifehacker reader (or editor) couldn't help improve pretty quickly. The Wiki uses the same MediaWiki code that powers Wikipedia, so editing it is fairly straightforward.

Free Wifi Wiki


    There are non wiki ones around.
    I just made a Large Edit for Australia.

    It would be more helpful if the information could be displayed on a map liked the McDonald's one.

      Thanks for the suggestion, B8Two.

      I am looking into a mediawiki extension that uses the google map api to display the locations as you said. One problem is that some of the entries are not exact addresses. Some of them are vague locations ("across the street from...") and some are just weird... for example in Costa Rica someone's mailing address might be "100 meters south and 50 meters east of the subaru dealer".

      But a lot of the locations are valid addresses. My hope is that they can be spit into the google api and come out looking like a handy map!

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