Food On The Table Builds Menus And Grocery Lists Based On Your Family’s Preferences

Food On The Table Builds Menus And Grocery Lists Based On Your Family’s Preferences

Web app Food on the Table creates weekly meal plans and grocery lists based on food you (and your family) enjoy, then hooks into your local grocery stores to find the best deals on your groceries. It’s kind of brilliant.

After you sign up for the site, you’ll walk through a little setup in which you identify your main grocery store and check off the foods your family likes to eat (namely meats-it’d be nice to have more fruit and vegetable choices). Later, you can pick another nearby store if you want to compare prices.

Next you’re presented with a list of items (based on your preferences) and asked: “What are you in the mood for this week?” Make your choices, select the number of meals you’re ready to plan and choose what you care about most now: saving time, money, health or variety. At this point, the site searches through recipes that match your needs, prices out the cost of the meal for you, and lets you print out your shopping list.

It’s hard to tell if something like this would work for you in the long term, but in theory, at least, Food on the Table is a really smart, useful idea. If you want more features than the basics mentioned above, you can upgrade to their premium account; the free version seems pretty serviceable as is, though. If you’ve used it — or something similar — in the past, let’s hear how it worked out for you in the comments.

Food on the Table


  • This site looks great, however I think for us here in AUS it might be hard to use (food types and locations not listed), is there anything similar to this in AUS?

  • you cant even complete a registration unless you are in the US.

    typically food stores in aus are slow (stopped!) when it comes to tech… id love to have access to the store layouts so i can organise the shopping list into aisle order.

    that is my holy grail… oh… and a weather based alarm clock 😉

    • a weather based alarm clock?? perfect!

      it can start by turning on the sun in your bedroom to try and wake you, if that doesnt work, roll in some clouds with some thunder, and if you still don’t wake up, start raining on you.. then to turn it off, you have to do a reverse rain dance!

      patent pending!

  • re: Weather based alarm for iPhone:

    re: AUS, we really do need to tech it up a bit. As a father of 3 this would be VERY handy.

    What I am working on is an Excel spread sheet that lst the most common consumable food items and works out a consumption rate and when things need to be brought. Email me at [email protected] if your interested in the project.

    Next will be a store map like Chris said. Actually the Woolsworth near me has a basic store map and a list of common items and their locations.

  • The vegetarian options are pretty shite; one unnecessarily complicated nacho recipe and about six tofu meat-replacement meals. They even place some tofu burgers into the tofu and burger labels, making it look like they have a little more than they actually do.

    I mean, what the hell? I know people like meat, but most recipe sites manage to tag salads and vegetable side-dishes as, you know, vegetables. Not useful at all to me.

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