Flatshare Index Tracks Accommodation Costs In Australian Cities

Wondering what it costs to live around the country? Accommodation sharing service EasyRoomMate has launched a 'Flatshare Index' which identifies the typical monthly costs for sharing a unit or house around Australia, along with figures on how long it takes to find a room and whether students or professionals dominate in the local sharing market.

Those figures definitely need to be taken with a grain of salt: EasyRoomMate has only used its own data for the calculations, and it won't disclose the basis beyond saying that it is "based on an algorithm defined by Easyroommate, calculated monthly". As such, I'm a little sceptical of some of its claims.

For instance, the current average monthly share rent in Darwin according to the site is $779, while that for Sydney is $603 — a result that might seem counter-intuitive given the NSW capital's reputation as an expensive place to live. However, given that when I checked, there were 56 rooms listed in Darwin and 1369 in Sydney, I suspect the latter's average might be more meaningful. Nonetheless, it's an interesting way of seeing what living costs might cost if you're thinking of switching cities.

EasyRoommate Flatshare Index


    Are you serious? according to the site sydney averga is $600 a month!!!! Where do u get that?
    I share a flat and is 300 a week!!

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