Firefox Home Syncs Your Firefox Bookmarks, History And More To Your iPhone

Firefox Home Syncs Your Firefox Bookmarks, History And More To Your iPhone

iPhone/iPod Touch: Firefox Home brings easy syncing of your Firefox bookmarks, browser history and open tabs to your iPhone so even when you’re away from your desk your favourite and current links are close at hand.

Firefox Home securely syncs your browser data to the cloud so you can access it anywhere. Bookmarked web sites, your browser history, even tabs left open are all synchronised to your iPhone. At The Mozilla Blog, the announcement blog of the Mozilla Project, they detail the simple steps required to setup Firefox Home.

  1. Install Firefox Sync, a free add-on for Firefox, on your desktop.
  2. Restart Firefox and follow prompts to create an account with both a password and a secret phrase.
  3. Go the App Store on your iPhone and search for “Firefox Home” or install it directly from iTunes.
  4. Launch Firefox Home on your iPhone. You’ll be prompted to enter your Firefox Sync account info. Enter your username, password and Secret Phrase and tap “Done”
  5. Enjoy!

From there out all your bookmarks, browser history and the open tabs on your desktop will be shared with your iPhone and other Apple devices. You can view the sites directly in Firefox Home, launch them in Safari or share the links via email. For more detailed install instructions you can visit the Mozilla help file for Firefox Home here or visit the link below for more information. Firefox Home is a free application and works wherever your iPhone/iPod Touch does.

Firefox Home [Mozilla]

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