eBay Begins Free Listings Scheme Today

eBay's long-in-development plan to offer free classified listings for items with local pickup finally kicks off today. If you've been thinking of a garage clean-out, now might be the time.

As we've pointed out before, the "free" requirements comes with a major qualification: the final value fee is assessed at 7.9%, not eBay's normal 5.25%. In practice, that means a listing will likely cost you more if you do sell something, but you won't have any up-front risk. If you're just keen to get rid of old stuff and see it reused, Freecycle is another sensible option to consider.


    Sounds like the final nail in the coffin of the Trading Post to me.

    I dont know scott, the eBay fees can be fairly high and I wont use it to sell anymore because of it.

    You are probably better off selling on Gumtree, which is actually free.

    I would recommend and try http://www.yoink.com/ its much better thought out than freecycle.

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