eBay Adds Paymate To Payment Options

Following last week's rollout of free classified listings, today eBay makes good on another promise from earlier in the year: allowing sellers to choose Paymate rather than PayPal as a secure payment method.

Unless you're using the local classifieds option, you still have to offer one of the two options unless you're using the classifieds system and opting for local pickup. You can also offer additional payment methods (such as bank deposits or cash on pickup). but you can't force purchasers to use any of those payment methods. (You could in effect force PayPal or Paymate by offering that or nothing else.)

One other note about the local classifieds option we didn't mention last week: you can't use it for more than 15 listings a month. After that, you'll be be charged a flat fee of $3.50.


    Isn't this the system eBay is getting sued for?

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