Earth Tones, Wide Open Spaces: A Well-Appointed Home Office

It's easy to take a bunch of tech gear, cram it in a space and call your home office complete. It's a much more delicate affair to put your gear in a space while keeping the space pleasing to look at.

Lifehacker reader Aaron Leestma has an enviable home office. A spacious desk, comfortable seating for guests, great view, even a cleverly built stand for his office HDTV are all great selling points for the well lit and appointed office.

This is my home office. Rack in the corner, 39x72 desk with a media centre behind. I work mostly at the office but it's nice to have a dedicated spot at home too. I also organize and edit my photos here. I still have to add photos to the frames...poor form, I know.

The brown strip on the wall was a built-in for an old CRT TV. I cut a piece of MDF to size, wrapped it in dark burlap and secured it to wall. This created a flat, accented wall to hang a TV on. One section of a room divider accents it further down the middle.

You can take a closer look by checking out the photo below or clicking on either photo for an enlarged view.

Earth Tones and Wide Open Spaces: A Well Appointed Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Where should I start?
    May be the cable trapp between the desk (I would call it table) and the side wall.
    The hight of the desk is not right for your wife.
    The TV in your back.
    The light through the window comes from the back site on your screen.
    If you are leftnader that the position of the Monitor would be ok, but not the phone.
    Laptop should be next to the monitor to use dual screen functions.
    The racks and shelfs look like leftovers from some other rooms. As I see nothing in it I assume there are of no use? They darken the room.
    I miss a lot of colors.
    Worse to see the back of the room.
    Let me know if you want me to suggest better.

      Well, you certainly live up to your name.

    Why can I see lots of comments on the US link but not here?

      US comments aren't feeding properly right now. They'll be fixed soon as part of a wider adjustment to how US content flows through to the Australian version of the site.

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