Earth Tones, Wide Open Spaces: A Well-Appointed Home Office

Earth Tones, Wide Open Spaces: A Well-Appointed Home Office

It’s easy to take a bunch of tech gear, cram it in a space and call your home office complete. It’s a much more delicate affair to put your gear in a space while keeping the space pleasing to look at.

Lifehacker reader Aaron Leestma has an enviable home office. A spacious desk, comfortable seating for guests, great view, even a cleverly built stand for his office HDTV are all great selling points for the well lit and appointed office.

This is my home office. Rack in the corner, 39×72 desk with a media centre behind. I work mostly at the office but it’s nice to have a dedicated spot at home too. I also organize and edit my photos here. I still have to add photos to the frames…poor form, I know.

The brown strip on the wall was a built-in for an old CRT TV. I cut a piece of MDF to size, wrapped it in dark burlap and secured it to wall. This created a flat, accented wall to hang a TV on. One section of a room divider accents it further down the middle.

You can take a closer look by checking out the photo below or clicking on either photo for an enlarged view.

Earth Tones and Wide Open Spaces: A Well Appointed Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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