e-Tax 2010 Is Now Available For Download

The old financial year has just finished, which means your tax return will be due soon. The ATO's official e-Tax software remains the fastest way to submit your return electronically (without paying an accountant), and the 2010 version has just hit its servers.

The 6.5MB file is, as ever, Windows only. That's long been a source of frustration to Mac and Linux users, but the ATO seems determined to stick with the majority platform rather than shifting to a browser-based system. Whatever your operating system, make sure you're organised for this year's tax (and future years) with our five-step guide.

e-Tax 2010


    I just wish it was platform independent. I Guess it is XP visualization for me this year!

    It still works under wine on linux

    I used to be quick off the mark when downloading eTax and getting started, but I'm actually going to leave it a couple of months. This is because of the information from related agencies - it usually takes a while to filter across. Stuff like your Medicare activity. If you're young and single (and don't have to track doctors' bills for kids etc) or you have all the info at hand already, get in there and get your return though...

    Getting a 404 on the site currently. Good show ATO.

    you guys should post an article with a guide for Mac (and Linux) users on how to run this without dual booting!

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