Dark And Shiny - A Noir Office

Although conventional wisdom would steer you away from darkly coloured rooms, that has hardly stopped Lifehacker readers from experimenting with bold and dark colours. Today we take a peek in a well executed black-on-black office.

Lifehacker reader David Sanders sports an office with dark wood floors, black walls and a black desk. Despite the abundance of dark surfaces, however, the high gloss finish on most of them reflects a significant amount of light about the room and avoids that dampening/swallowing effect you feel when surrounded by dark matte surfaces. He also breaks up a dark wall that would otherwise be overwhelmingly monolithic with a dual-tier organiser for his calendar, photos, magazines and miscellaneous office items. Take a closer look in the photo below or hop into his Flickr stream to see more pictures.

Dark and Shiny - A Noir Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    The black wood wall looks really good.


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