Coles Selling Virgin Prepaid Broadband Modem For Half Price

From July 8 until July 14, Coles is offering the Virgin Mobile prepaid dongle for $44.50 — half its regular price, with 5GB of included data.

Upfront hardware price is only one issue to consider when buying prepaid broadband, and Virgin has recently altered its prices to make cheaper recharges less valuable. Check out our complete guide to prepaid broadband deals to work out if the hardware saving matches with your overall needs.

[via OzBargain]


    Checked in my local Coles today and the packaging says nothing about included data however the pricing seems about right $49 I think. Also checked in K-Mart and the flyer there says that it was 1gig + 4 gig bonus and the offer expired at 30/June (unless extended....though how you would know??). The Coles staff could not tell me if there as any included data (not that I expected that they could). But anyway as usual, buyer beware.

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