Chrome Nanny Blocks Time-Consuming Sites To Keep You Productive

Chrome only: Google Chrome extension Chrome Nanny prevents you from wasting time on distracting websites, so you can get things done instead of checking Facebook all day long.

Chrome Nanny is actually a port of the most important features of the Leech Block extension for Firefox, allowing you to create sets of URLs to block, by a particular time of day or a total number of minutes each day allowed for time-consuming websites. You can use regular expressions in the URL set, and even check statistics on what has been blocked. Chrome Nanny is a free download, works anywhere Chrome extensions do.

Chrome Nanny [Chrome Extensions]


    I always find myself procrastinating (wasting time on Twitter, YouTube etc), and with the help of Chrome Nanny, I managed to get a Distinction in my University major assignment. I couldn't have done it without this neat little program. Best. Thing. Ever.

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