Check Your BlackBerry's Uptime With A Keyboard Shortcut

I've reasonably au fait with BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts, but I hadn't run into this one before: holding down Alt+Left Shift+H displays a help screen which includes your current OS version, PIN and IMEI details and running uptime since the last reboot. Right now on my device it's at 606663 seconds. How's yours?


    1748038 seconds

    Neat, but hardly relevant to lifehackery. Quite the opposite in fact, it's a distraction.

      I'd argue quick access to the IMEI and PIN stuff was definitely Lifehacker-y, even if you don't want to know how long your device has been stable.

    Currently at 2582591 seconds on Bold 9000

    currently rolling with 1564273 on an 8310

    slightly odd that its 1 through 7 but of course that is just pure chance

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