ChangeDetection Keeps You Updated On Feed-Free Websites

ChangeDetection Keeps You Updated On Feed-Free Websites

It’s become increasingly rare to find a website without some sort notification or feed system. For those sites that lack an RSS feed, ChangeDetection will keep a close eye on things and email you when changes occur.

Whether you’re trying to keep an eye on a company’s privacy policy or a list of recipes on an old-school website, sometimes the only way to tell if a website has updated is by visiting it and manually checking it. Outsource the checking to ChangeDetection and get automatic email updates. They’ve been offering free email-based updates since 1999 — long before RSS became popular. Simply plug in the website, the email address you want to receive the notifications at, and ChangeDetection will email you when that privacy policy changes or new cookie recipes appear.

Have a favourite tool for dealing with feed-free websites? Let’s hear about it in the comments.Thanks Celeste27!