Change Firefox 4's Toolbar Button Colour Or Make It Transparent

There's a lot to like about the redesigned Firefox 4 beta, but some folks may not love the very orange, ever-present main menu button in the upper-left corner. Fortunately some light CSS tweaking can change its colour or make it transparent.

The Download Squad blog, picking up on a tip from a NeoWin forum thread, offers a quick tutorial in tweaking the CSS file so that your big button changes colour, goes transparent or even moves, if you were the type who was really handy with design code. If all you want is a transparency fix, though, Download Squad has code you can copy and paste into a userChrome.css file. Need help finding your profile folder? Mozilla knows where it is.

If you find or come up with your own clever button change-ups, paste the code in the comments or link us to a write-up.

Remove Firefox 4.0's big, ugly, unmovable orange button [Download Squad]


    you can get rid of the button altogether by going to Firefox -> Customize -> Menu Bar, which returns the normal menus to the top of the window as in previous versions of FF. Through that menu you can also change the tabs to be under the address bar. I much prefer having the tabs on the bottom.

    This is a much much easier way of doing it...

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