Brisbane Promises Google Maps Transport Integration By Year End

Every time we talk about a new city getting public transport data added to Google Maps, we can't help but ask when Australia's big three cities — Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane — will join the party. A Lifehacker reader from Queensland also asked the question, and got a surprisingly positive answer.

Lifehacker reader Jon was inspired to write to Queensland transport authority TransLink after reading on Lifehacker about the lack of timetable integration for Google Maps users. Having asked when integration could be expected, this is the reply he got:

TransLink has been working hard on this project as we do recognise that it is a beneficial tool for our passengers to utilise when travelling on the network. We are planning to roll out the Google Transit by the end of the year.

Combined with plans for free Wi-Fi on trains, this could potentially make travelling in Brisbane a lot easier. Sydney and Melbourne transport planners, take note. Thanks Jon!


    This from the geniuses who decide track work would best be done during university exam block O.o

    I wouldn't hold my breath..

      Translink in Brisbane are just hopeless. This should hopefully take them up to Neanderthal.

    I hope this isn't just for Google but also for Bing as well. Bing has had a transit for thier maps for a while now (yes so has Google) but the Bing transit looks a little cleaner and fresh then Google's.

    The target date has come and gone. I sent them a message, will post back when I get a reply

    Where is this? It's almost the end of 2011 and this feature would be super handy to have.

    2012 any news? Brisbane is so behind the times... Adelaide has had all public transport info on google maps for a number of years and i miss it since moving to Brisbane...

    Rockhampton gets this before Brisbane?!? Come on Translink.

    waiting for Godot...

    where is it Translink??

    They probably think they've done it - with the Google map embedded within Journey Planer...

    Old article I know, but couldn't help it....

    2013 and still waiting.... and WiFi on trains...? pfff.. one in 30 maybe...

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