Brilliant Overhead Storage Hack Bolts Containers To Your Garage's Ceiling

Smart DIYer Tluweyen details how to mount storage containers to the ceiling of your garage — a perfect project for households desperate for more storage space that don't have a lot of extra room in the garage.

You'll need some 2x4s and other boards, a bit of hardware and a few hours on your hands. Tluweyen's instructions are pretty detailed, and the clever result, as you can see in the photo above, looks pretty good: Lots of extra storage space and plenty of room for a car underneath.

*Garage Storage Solution* [Alpha Rubicon via Make]


    thats quite clever, maybe just make sure you use decent quality tubs wouldn't want the bottom falling out and dropping everything on top of your car/what ever youhave under it.

    This is an excellent idea for any storage shed to maximise the space you have in there. I've always said that ceiling space is always so neglected and this is a wonderful solution to use it!

    I think my garage could really use a self storage idea like this! Pods to the ceiling, what will they think of next!

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