Brick Up A Window For More Home Entertainment Space

Large lounge room windows provide additional access points and light, but can restrict layout options if you want a big-screen TV or a projection wall. Take heart: if you're willing to put in some manual labour, you can brick up the window for more room layout options.

Blogger Tom details how he redesigned his lounge room by bricking up a window to create a space where a TV could reside. By his own admission the brick-laying isn't particularly impressive, but once the wall has been filled and painted, that's not a major issue. Caution is always advised with pulling out larger windows as there may be structural implications, but it's worth remembering that just because your house is laid out in a certain way, you're not always stuck with that layout.

Smash window & brick it up


    Although you cant just go willy nilly changing the outside of a house. It would most likely need to go before your local council building authority

    Dont want to see the outside.

      Had a massive Hibiscus tree covering up the window before. Then it was covering up my brick work.

      But now the tree has gone, I plan to render the outside walls.

    Pretty on the inside, ugly on the outside.

    As SCOTT said, any changes to existing external windows or doors will require council approval.

    I guess a thick curtain was out of the question?

    Smashing of window = free
    Timber framing = $32.00
    Plasterboard = $17.50 per sheet
    Resale value = just dropped by $20k!!!

    Who needs natural light anyway?

    Bricks leak, it will go mouldy and perhaps even get water marks from the weather.

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