Archive Bookmarks As PDFs For Safe Easy Reference

If you use your browser's bookmarks to store stuff for later reference, it can soon become cluttered with outdated links. Lifehacker reader Michael solves that problem by storing long-term links he wants to keep as PDF documents on his hard drive.

Michael explained his strategy in an email to Lifehacker:

Like many people I'm sure, I have a massive, sprawling list of bookmarks, across multiple computers, which I tend to use for archival purposes more than anything else. The problem is that I rarely actually USE these bookmarks — rather, it's a case of bookmark and forget.

So I've decided to audit my bookmarks and for websites where there are articles I want to keep, I'm converting them to PDFs using this free Web page to PDF converter and saving them on the hard drive.

Now I can have access to these articles anywhere and don't have to worry about broken links or incompatibility in web browsers! It's especially useful for articles in online newspapers which can disappear into the ether after they are off the front page or more than a day old.

While there are plenty of other strategies (and browser extensions) for managing your reading list and archive, this is an interesting approach. Thanks Michael!


    I like this idea, since I also have a ton of bookmarks, and have to open them up to reference them. What I don't see is how saving them on the hard drive will make them available anywhere. Maybe if you were to upload them too google docs or another searchable online repository?

    A much easier 2-click solution is to use the Zotero add-on in Firefox. Zotero makes a copy of the actual web page with images, CSS, scripts and so on. Later you can ask FF to display the saved page exactly as it was, with ability to save portions for later reuse.

    It's a damn good idea..having finding the right idea for years...thanks

    I like this tool because this allow me to convert any PDF document in MS word. Thanks for sharing this URL.

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