Add Windows 7 And Vista's Quick File-Renaming Shortcut To XP

Earlier this week we shared a handy file-renaming shortcut that works in Windows 7 and Vista (see video). Reader derilium put together a script that brings the same functionality to XP.

Using AutoHotkey — which Lowell gave a nice nod to earlier today — derilium whipped up a script (and system tray executable for those of you who don't want to install AHK) that lets you use the Tab key (and Shift+Tab) to quickly move between editing file names in Explorer, just like in the video above. If you want the code itself, it looks like this:

Menu,tray,add,About,AboutScript Tab::GoSub,RenameNextFile

RenameNextFile: Hotkey,Tab,Off ControlGetFocus, CurrentControl,A If (CurrentControl="Edit2") { Send {Enter}{Down}{F2} } Else { Send {Tab} } Hotkey,Tab,On Return


RenamePrevFile: Hotkey,+Tab,Off ControlGetFocus, CurrentControl,A If (CurrentControl="Edit2") { Send {Enter}{Up}{F2} } Else { Send +{Tab} } Hotkey,+Tab,On Return

AboutScript: MsgBox, renameTab created by James Kwan (derilium) Return

If you give it a go, let's hear how it works for you in the comments. If you just want to download and use the EXE, you can grab it here. Thanks derilium!


    I've been wanting this on xp ever since w7 came out.

    You are a legend.


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