2-In-1 iPhone 4 SIMs Could Be A Risky Prospect

Nick over at Gizmodo reports on how Optus (and Optus network reseller Virgin) are offering “2-In-1” micro-SIMs for iPhone 4 buyers ahead of the July 30 Australian release. Customers who -signed up for iPhone 4 updates from either carrier can get sent a standard-sized SIM now, which will then be popped out converted to micro-SIM format when they purchase a new iPhone. It sounds like a nifty way to switch phones with minimal fuss, but from a consumer point of view, it’s a pretty risky thing to do.

The reason? As ever, we don’t yet have any details on what plans Optus or Virgin or anyone else will offer with the iPhone 4. It might well be reasonable to assume that the plans will be similar to current deals, but if you’ve just come off a long, locked-in contract, then it’s much more rational to wait until all the carrier deals are announced and then assess your options.

Rational behaviour is often absent when it comes to the iPhone, and just as people were willing to pay $100 to sign up for an iPhone 3G without knowing what they were getting into, I’m sure this offer will have its followers. But really: given that the iPhone 4 has already been on sale in the US for some time and you’re likely to end up on a 2-year contract if you buy one, will a little hesitation and reflection really hurt?

Optus 2-in-1 SIM Card Makes Upgrading To iPhone 4 Easier (UPDATED) [Gizmodo]

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