1dl.us Is A Swiss Army Knife Of Web Utilities

1dl.us Is A Swiss Army Knife Of Web Utilities

Plenty of sites offer a quick IP address check, disposable email, URL shortening, image uploading and quick text saving. 1dl.us offers all of them on one page for your bookmarking convenience.

1dl.us is fast-loading, bringing visitors to a page that’s quickly filled with their IP address, a temporary email address for potentially spam-generating sign-ups and a user agent checker. A minimalist tabbed view provides further access to image uploading, link shortening and an online pastebin with optional password protection. There’s also an instant password strength checker, but we’re not always a fan of typing in your passwords anywhere where you don’t know 100 per cent of the rules and safety measures. But that’s your call — the site doesn’t seem to be sending your text anywhere — and five out of the six tabs here are very helpful for those who haven’t already loaded their browser up with bookmarklets and add-ons to accomplish the same.

The services at 1dl.us are free to use, no sign-up required. Know of a better all-in-one web tool site? Share the love in the comments. Thanks for the tip Jackson!


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