You Really Can Make Your Wallet Smaller

You Really Can Make Your Wallet Smaller

This picture from luggage-obsessed blog Carryology demonstrates a point we’ve often made before: it really is possible to compact your wallet. Both wallets contain the same number of cards and the same amount of money, but there’s no question which one will look better in your jeans pocket.

We’ve offered up plenty of hints in the past on slimming your wallet before; it essentially boils down to only carrying those cards you absolutely have to have, and transferring other information and extras onto your phone. Got your own wallet-slimming tip? We’re all (thin) ears in the comments.

Slimming your wallet [Carryology]


    • I think its been on LH before but

      Otherwise i just save my membership numbers in my contact on my phone. I carry 2 credit cards which double as saving cards, Drivers License, work ID & pass. Everything else is on the phone even medicare numbers. But i would consider the justoneclubcard if more australian places used barcodes.

    • I’ve managed to remove the single store card I have (Woolworths rewards) by installing “Key Ring” on my Android phone. Perhaps it’s a bit of an overkill for one card, but if I get any other store cards which use barcodes then at least I’m covered.

  • It is now relatively easy to buy wallets which come in pairs one is small and one is larger. The smaller fits in the larger. Put all your rarely used cards and junk into the bigger wallet which you don’t take with you. That smaller one is what you take it’s very restrictive is size which *forces* you to keep it light.

    A more advanced strategy is to not get most of these cards in the first place. Ask yourself if the card really serves you and if you really need or use it. A 2% discount card for Sue’s Obscure Shop you will never return to isn’t exactly worth it.

    Coins are the other thing. They don’t have much value and are bulky and heavy. Don’t carry coins around, just use notes. It’s not perfect because you will get change are there are rare cases you need coins for things like meters but it is better in the long run not to be carrying around a hunk of nickel all day.

    Why stop at wallets? Keys are even better. I mean really some guys carry around the Fort Knox set. Takes them 5 minutes just to find the right one. I have this theory about big key sets making up for smaller other things.

    And then there’s the handbag for women or even men these days. My Auntie, bless her, could be absolutely relied upon to have scissors, a moldy sandwich, pens, pencils and textas for the kids, a screwdriver and half a cosmetic display counter in there. It also doubled as a flail weapon but really do you need to strain your back with all that weight?

    Probably some scope to amalgamate your everyday luggage too with briefcases, netbook and laptop carry bags. I’m sure many people do that already.

  • I have a small wallet without coin pockets and like the idea of putting numbers into my phone. Given I don’t always have it on me, especially if I’m running or on the bike.

    My solution was to put thermal labels with barcodes (eg. Woolies rewards) or numbers (eg. Medicare) on the backs of my credit card. It has the added bonus of leaving these with me when I take a licence and credit card only, and given I only need the rewards card when making a purchase, is always there when I need it.

    • I have to completely agree. It’s great that everyone else seems to use cards and notes only, but apparently I live in an alternate universe where coins exist. I make larger withdrawals of cash to limit bank fees, which will generally mean coins are inevitable, hence I find buying a wallet these days an annoying experience.

      My current one is somehow holding together (as long as you know how to hold it. My lovely lass swears as everything falls out when she needs to get something out. Yeah, it’s that bad. @:-)

      But finding a decent wallet with something to hold coin is not as easy as I thought. Guess I’ll just have to bust out the duct tape and roll my own.

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