WordPress Blogging Platform Updates With A Brand New Look, Bulk Updates

Blogging platform WordPress just released their 3.0 "Thelonious" update, debuting, among other things, an attractive and modern-looking default theme and a bulk plug-in, theme and installation updater. The release also includes over 1000 bug fixes and enhancements.

The new default theme, called Twenty Ten, is a welcome addition to the antiquated-looking WordPress Default 1.6 and WordPress Classic 1.5 themes. WordPress 3.0 also introduces bulk updates, which allows users to download all plug-in, theme or full WordPress updates with a single click.

Whether you've set up your own WordPress installation at home or have it running on a server somewhere, the update looks pretty appealing. Still, as with many early updates of this kind, we'd recommend that unless you're comfortable as a canary in the coalmine, you may want to wait a few days and keep an eye on any security patches. If you're eager to upgrade, comfortable with the risks and you've backed up everything you need, then go for it! The WordPress 3.0 update is available as a download through the website, or through the Update feature in your WordPress Dashboard. If you're ready to give your blog a new fix, it doesn't hurt to take a refresher with our guide on how to customise and trick out your WordPress blog.

WordPress 3.0 "Thelonious" [WordPress]


    Thanks for the heads up.

    If not for the Lifehacker post I wouldn't have known that 3.0 was live. I'd been looking for a big obvious upgrade button on the top of my Wordpress admin panel and not under the 'tools' submenu.

    The auto upgrade took only a few seconds to complete and now http://incompletegamer.com/ is updated!

    oh wow. I was just on the WP site last night checking to see if there was a release date, and it wasn't up then! Missed it by *that* much. Thanks for the heads up!

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