WMP Plus Adds A Number Of Customisable Tweaks To Windows Media Player

WMP Plus Adds A Number Of Customisable Tweaks To Windows Media Player

If you haven’t learned to love Windows Media Player yet, free plugin Windows Media Player Plus might change your mind. adding tweaks like find as you type, disabling group headers, a new tag editor, and the Explorer context menu within your library.

We’ve already learned that Windows Media Player’s performance is pretty darn good, but there are still a few things in the program that many count as annoyances. Thankfully, it allows plugins like Windows Media Player Plus to get rid of those for you.

Atop the list of great features this plugin adds is find as you type searching, which is exactly what it sounds like — as you type your search query, Windows Media Player will narrow down the results in real time (plus it’s pretty snappy). It also comes with its own advanced tag editor, which allows you to edit a lot of metadata (including tags that Windows Media Player doesn’t usually show). The addition of the Windows Explorer context menu in the library is pretty handy too, so you don’t need to search tracks out on your hard drive to access those actions.

A number of smaller, but still cool tweaks include listing the currently playing track in the title bar, automatic restoration of media on launch, and restoration of plugins after a crash. You can also disable group headers, meaning your library will show up as one long list of files instead of sorted by artist or album with their names hogging all the space. You can turn any number of these tweaks on or off to fit your needs. It makes the player much more well-rounded, which is nice if you don’t have (or don’t need) another program on your computer.

Windows Media Player Plus [via The How-To Geek]


  • I took your recommendations and have been using MP for a month or so now. Although I only use the very minimal look (the button down the bottom right).
    Is great, but two things I want is use the scroll wheel for volume and click the screen for pause/play. Like MP Classic.

  • I wish I had windows 7/vista so I could use it but unfortunately, I don’t. I still don’t really like WMP for music though. I’m not sure what it is about it but it doesn’t feel like a music player for me.
    Also, good taste in music there, Whitson.

  • i always used winamp up until i got windows 7, since then I’ve never once looked back from wmp it syncs nicely with my nexus one its easy to burn Cd’s and its great to keep all your playlists together.

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