Windows Live Essentials Fills The Gaps In Missing Windows Apps

Windows only: Microsoft just released the beta version of Windows Live Essentials, a suite of free desktop applications including Windows Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail and several more useful apps you may just want to download.

In all, the Windows Live Essentials beta includes an updated Windows Live Messenger for your instant messaging needs, the Mail email client, updated Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, a Sync app that syncs files between Windows and Mac PCs and provides remote access), Writer (the blogging tool) and a couple of other token apps that aren't quite as interesting for most people.

You can download the beta here. If we were you, we'd grab the "Choose the programs you want" installer rather than the default installer (the latter of which defaults to installing the entire suite of programs).

Windows Live Essentials is a free download for Windows only.

Windows Live Essentials beta []


    jeezus, just make a lite version of live messenger already.. no emoticons, no stupid pictures, no integration with useless applications. I don't want a bundle, just one app.

      Then just install one app? The installer lets you choose what you want to install. I don't see how it could be more user friendly. I use a few of these apps and downloading them all individually would be a pain.

      And if you're complaining of bloat in the Messenger app itself I really can't see your reasoning. It's rather nicely featured while still being simple and clean. Compare it to ICQ, for instance. And there's already any number of Pidgin style apps that support the Live network, as well as the web based clients.

      Of all things to complain about, a chat client that can be easy installed on its own, and has the same display pictures and emoticons as.. everything does these days.. seems like a pretty silly target.

      While we're at it, these blogs have too many pictures and links and stuff. Why dont they release an internet that's just black text on a white background?

    Don't forget to mention that the new WLE is for Windows Vistaids/7 only.

    How does this differ form the non-Beta version? What are the added features, bug fixes, changes?

      Live Movie Maker: Webcam capture, SlowMotion, New Automovie Themes, cool new Transitions & Effects and Encode to your desire output resolution and aspect ratio.

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