Why Your Regular Morning Coffee May Not Be Helping

Bristol University researchers found that after going off caffeine for 16 hours, high consumers of caffeine that received a caffeine pill noticed a rise in anxiety, alertness and headache, while those that received a placebo reported a decline. However, the levels to which these subjects felt a rise in alertness was the same as low consumers that received a placebo — essentially suggesting that the caffeine brought them back to normal, pre-addiction levels of alertness.

Photo by David Joyce.

So while an occasional cup of coffee may give you a jolt, regular consumption may just make you go through withdrawal when you don't get your morning cup. If you find that you're just as alert as you were before your caffeinated days, maybe it's time to switch to orange juice.

Caffeine Addicts Get No Real Perk From Morning Cup [Reuters]


    I'll stick to my black cup of calorie free energy rather than a sugar laden "healthy" alternative.

    Wait a sec... No drinking coffee will trigger withdrawal symptoms? It's like it's a drug or something!


    They're overlooking the substantial health benefit that a work coffee break provides in preventing demoralised cube chickens from leaping screaming from the fourteenth floor window.

    its only an addiction if it negatively effects me, and im just fine... i swear it... sssh.

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