WhiteyBoard Stick-Ons Turn Walls Into Whiteboards

There are many ways around buying and installing a traditional whiteboard, but they require a real commitment of time and space. Whiteyboard is a stick-on whiteboard you can apply anywhere you need to write, starting at $US10.

Whiteyboard was started by Jason Wilk, a principal with venture capital firm Y Combinator, after he discovered how much a whiteboard cost at an office supply store. Determined to give small startups an alternative, he came upon the idea of stick-on whiteboards. You can order them in three sizes, starting at 12 by 18 inches for $US10 and ranging up to four by six feet for $US30, and they can be cut to fit whatever size and shape needs you have. Helpful stuff for those with great ideas, but not $US300 and an afternoon to spend buying and installing the sketch space for them.



    Do they come off? How do you prevent the edges from being written on and going over the normal paint?

    Isn't this basically just clear contact?

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