Welcome To Tax Week 2010

Yes, June 30 is nearly upon us, and before you can blink it will be time to prepare your tax return. Throughout Tax Week, we'll be offering daily tips, hints and resources to make tax time less stressful and ensure you get as much money back as possible. Enjoy!


    Awesome! look forward to this. We had an agent do our tax last year and let's just say ... it wasn't that complicated and I felt kinda embarrased for seeing one :P

      Hi Peter,

      I believe you can claim seeing a Tax agent last year on this years return...

        That's correct. Using a tax agent does seem to me to be overkill if you're in a standard salaried job. If you're self-employed or have an investment property, it becomes a lot more appealing.

    I just finished updating the tax guide for our firm. Shame that most of the "good stuff" from this years budget won't happen till 2012 or 2013.

    Any chance you could cover what to do if you have not lodged a tax return for a number of years?

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