Weave Is Now Firefox Sync, Will Be Incorporated In Firefox

Weave Is Now Firefox Sync, Will Be Incorporated In Firefox

Firefox: Mozilla’s previously mentioned Weave project has been a great way to sync nearly everything about your Firefox setup between computers for awhile, despite its experimental label. The add-on has finally graduated from Mozilla Labs, though, renamed Firefox Sync and set to be packaged with future versions of Firefox.

You can still get it as an add-on now, under the new name and complete with a few new features such as availability in 15 languages, a simpler setup and one-click access to all your synced tabs. Plus, it’s built to be the perfect companion to the upcoming, previously mentioned Firefox Home, so you can keep your data synced between all your devices.

Firefox Sync is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

Firefox Sync [via Mozilla Labs]


  • Firefox’s great idea was extensions. Keep the core browser lean but allow users to tailor it to their preferences. Adding extensions like Personas and Firefox Sync into firefox is great if you use them both but bloats the browser for everyone else.

    I don’t use them so I don’t like it. I have been very happy with Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox but soon I will be trying Chrome.

    • Chrome already has it’s equivalent of Sync built-in so you won’t get any advantage there.

      Chrome’s a nice browser, but I’ve yet to find anything in it sufficiently wonderful to make me switch from Firefox. Chrome’s much ballyhooed speed is not noticeable 99.9% of the time because most sites slowdown for network and server overload reasons rather than because of the browser’s rendering and javascript speed.

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