Vodafone To Be Sold From 3 Stores

Vodafone To Be Sold From 3 Stores

Turns out offering free Vodafone-to-3 minutes isn’t the only sign of combined activity between the two telcos, which merged in May 2009. As of July, Vodafone plans and products will also be sold from 3 retail stores.

The changed plans were outlined in a memo distributed to company staff this week. While the switch will first be seen in a handful of stores, but will eventually appear in every 3 outlet, which will (unsurprisingly) be rebranded as 3 And Vodafone Stores:

The first stores that will kick off are Airport West and Fountain Gate in Victoria and Elizabeth City in South Australia followed by Hurstville, Chatswood Westfield and Warringah Mall in NSW, Collins Street in Victoria, Norwood Plaza in South Australia and Hay Street in Perth.

The memo also confirms the ability for Vodafone customers on new cap plans to make free calls to 3 customers, and says that 3 customers will get a similar deal by the end of the quarter (which we’re guessing doesn’t give them too long). None of this suggests that the 3 brand is going anywhere in a hurry, which at one stage seemed a quite likely outcome from the merger between the two operators.


  • i just wish they gave people with 3 SIMs access to the vodaphone 3G towers. some times i get kicked from 3 and when i do a manual scan i get 3, 3, optus.

    when i try each of the “3” it responds 2 the first one, no access, the second one is the after a long time then the first one works saying its the home network. wtf???

  • I wish this merger does happen soon so that 3 will abolish roaming data charges when not using their 3G broadband zone.I am sick and tired of paying roaming data charges inside CBD of Perth. Their 3G broadband coverage is pathetic.

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