Virgin Prepaid Broadband Prices To Change In July

It's always the way: you assemble a comprehensive table of 3G prepaid broadband plans and then the rates immediately start changing. Virgin Mobile is altering its prepaid rates from July 1, with data increases at the top of the market but some trimming on the cheapest plans.

The new rates aren't yet on the Virgin Mobile site, but readers on Whirlpool report the company has begun emailing customers with the new deal. There's a couple of new price points ($19 and $79), $1 sliced off the price off most of the mid-tier plans, and an increase in allowances for all the plans between $50 and $100. However, the cheapest $15 recharge drops from offering 500MB to 300MB. Thanks Adam!



    Virgin have some great recharge rates. No on is willing to go over 12GB and $149. Seems to be the benchmark set by 3 Mobile.

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